Sun City Landscaped Maintained Homes

SOME of the homes in Sun City come with yards that are maintained by the HOA.

Sun City Texas is comprised of over 70 neighborhoods, yet within the community are seven unique neighborhoods that are part of a year-round, mass production landscaping program called Landscape Maintained Homes (LMH).

While residents in other Sun City neighborhoods may enjoy their daily gardening tasks and controlling their landscape decisions, LMH residents have the peace of mind knowing their landscape is being maintained by the LMH department. The Landscape Maintained Homes program is a department within the Community Association (your LMH fee is in addition to your annual HOA dues). The LMH weekly basic maintenance program includes:

  • Weekly:
    • Mowing, edge and trim
  • Monthly:
    • Shrubs/plants pruning
    • Irrigation inspections, repair & system scheduling
    • Disease monitor and insecticide application
  • Annually:
    • Tree thinning per evaluation by arborist
    • Sod installation per evaluation by landscaper
    • Plant installation per evaluation by landscaper
  • As Needed:
    • Weed treatment – as needed
    • Seasonal leaf removal
    • Pre-emergent/fertilization as needed
    • Fire Ant treatment – 2X /year
    • Mulch maintenance – 2X /year
    • Installation of Sod/Xeriscape as needed; possible shared cost


If your backyard is fenced you may do your own backyard maintenance, or you can set-up a private contract with the landscape contractor, which will require an annual payment.  The LMH program is not responsible for the maintenance of a fenced backyard.


If you purchase a Garden Home in neighborhood 14A, 24A, 25, or 30, or any Cottage Home (neighborhoods 24B1, 24B2, and 33), your property will always be part of the Landscape Maintained Homes Program.


The LMH program is ideal for:

  • Lock & Leave residents – those who travel extensively throughout the year.
  • Busy Schedules – if your time is better spent on the courts, with your clubs, or in a class, rather than thinking about landscape chores!
  • Owners who are renting the property.
  • Folks with health concerns.

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